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“tell customers near and far how good you are”

Due to the recent Coronavirus lockdown and restrictions on businesses, being able to expose and promote your small business to people who live in and around Crick is even more important than it was before March 2020.

You may decide this Crick Business Directory is adequate exposure, removing the need (cost and time) for your own website or Facebook page.

Small business owners are able to provide text and photographs on this Crick Business Directory to highlight the areas you think are your assets – this could be a photo of you, your team, the business logo, the products, anything related to your business AND your all important contact details, address and opening hours. Get the word out there by joining this directory – each time it is circulated (which will be very frequently) your business will be on the list to be seen, even if the viewer is looking for something else.

Here is an example:

Admin Take Away – Let someone else do your paperwork, filing, typing, mailings, document/form design, and website/social media updates.

Contact Jeanette on 07932 999192 – based in Crick @ No.7 High Street

Like the concept and want to join?

This Crick Business Directory will be promoted wherever relevant and appropriate such as Crick Noticeboard on Facebook that has 4,200 members, and regularly on A&A @ No.7 the home to this local initiative – periodically I plan to ‘boost a post’ for No.7 at a cost to me of $10 each time. There are so many excellent small businesses in and around Crick, so let’s put them on one list for all to find easily without searching through random recommendation requests. But that’s not all …

Apart from promoting the directory on Facebook as mentioned above, you are also offered to a) display a physical business card or flyer (up to A5 size) in the commercial window of No.7 High Street, Crick – see photo below – almost opposite the Co-op with lots of passing traffic and browsers, and b) you will have the option to be included in ‘Business Buzz’ communications/updates for the local small businesses on this Crick Business Directory. The one-off admin cost to get this service in time for Christmas business, and up to the end of January 2021 is just £20 £15 from 04.12.20. The sooner you join the sooner we can work together as a team to maximise leads and generate more business.

As this initiative builds over the coming months I will move towards PayPal payments online for the £20 admin cost, but to keep it simple (and very old-fashioned) at this stage, I ask that the payment is made in cash via the letterbox of No.7 High Street (photo above) at your convenience – I will provide you with a receipt for your business accounts if required. Add your business card/photo/logo/details to this envelope too. Alternatively you can provide the business information you want to show on this directory by emailing me – see below. The sooner I get your details and payment, the sooner you will be part of the directory being circulated on social media and generating you more customers. “Don’t delay, join today”

To summarise, easy next steps:

  • To enquire or join call me on: 07932 999192
  • Or
  • To enquire or join email me on: [email protected]
  • Or
  • Put business details/payment in an envelope through the letterbox of No.7 High Street, Crick

Categories of Businesses in Crick:



Arts and Crafts

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

SureFlo Plumbing and Heating Limited

12a Oak Lane, Crick, NN6 7SS

Contact Simon Beaurain on 07958 686184 email [email protected]


Food and drink

Pubs, restaurants and hospitality



Pets and animal care

Health and well-being

Car maintenance


Administrative services


Delivery services within Crick

Businesses in Crick that I frequent:

Pub/Restaurant: The Red Lion, 52 Main Street, Crick. Telephone 01788 822342

Cafe/Delicatessen: Pickle & Pie At 23, Church Street, Crick. Telephone 01788 823579

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